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Mar 5, 2014 5:30am PST
-- sergei lavrov say today. it will be a question as to whether russia will agree to this combat is the plan being floated. in paris, what is happening in these meetings, they're floating another plan. the contact group plan is russian troops crawling back from their current positions right now. they're talking about the dissolution of extremist groups and holding presidential elections as soon as possible. plan, theal french-german plan, calls for russia to be part of this contact group. there would be russian representatives as well as ukrainian representatives. that will be the key thing to watch this afternoon. so far it looks like russia is not at all inclined to joining this group and holding face-to-face talks with ukraine. there is going to be immense pressure on moscow as much as russia to be part of this contact group and get some sort of discussion between ukrainian representatives in russia. these are all the options that are being discussed right now. , keeping an so much eye on the diplomatic angle here in ukraine. as the crisis continues on the ground, some young ukrainia
Mar 6, 2014 8:00am PST
diplomats including john kerry held talks with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov, but the talks broke off without progress. don kerry said the two sides had agreed to keep talking. >> we agreed to continue intense discussions in the coming days with russia, with the ukrainians , in order to see how we can help normalize the situation, stabilize it, and overcome the crisis. and those intentions are intentions that are shared exactly as i have described them between russia, the united states, the european countries, and ukrainians who were here. that ities agreed today is important to try to resolve these issues through dialogue. >> in an effort to bolster the new ukrainian government, the european union has unveiled an aid package worth at least $15 billion. a leaked phone call has bolstered claims antigovernment forces were behind sniper attacks on protesters in kiev last month. both sides of ukraine's political divide land the other when dozens of people were killed by gunfire in the weeks before the ouster of russian backed president viktor yanukovich. but in an intercepted phone ca
Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
to protect those citizens. russianputin and foreign minister sergey lavrov have denied russian soldiers are occupying crimea, saying the masked troops are local forces. on tuesday, president obama criticized putin's claims. >> i know president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers, making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that is fooling anybody. i think everybody recognizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in the neighboring state, that does not give it the a means ofe force as exerting influence inside of that state. >> the white house has unveiled its proposed budget for the next fiscal year. the $3.9 trillion measure includes a reduction of tax breaks for wealthy americans and corporations, which republicans have vowed to oppose. it also targets low-income workers under the age of 25 for additional benefits, including an expansion of earned income tax credits. speaking at a washington, d.c. elementary school, president obama said his budget reflects a commitment to tackling inequality. >> falling at the fastest rate
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3